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How Cal’s Cycle came to be…

Calvin Toews (Dad) raised exotic birds for many years and often took them to Reid’s Auction in Calgary to sell them. At this auction, police were selling lost & stolen bikes. In 1985, he bought some bikes from this auction for us children. Once the neighbours found out, they wanted him to buy them some for their children the next time he went. He bought about 10 bikes so they could pick which they wanted. After advertising the rest in the Three Hills Capital, they all sold. So again, he bought a few more and kept advertising them. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how his small business was born… Slowly as time went along Dad needed a name for his business and since it was a home business he called it Cal’s Cycle.

Someone referred him to Norco, so he could buy parts. Then Dad started getting in new Norco bikes to sell. In the early days, used bikes were the best sellers. His main aim was to provide bikes, and take trades for growing children.

Dad met a friend, Mike Kucera, at the auction who was also buying and selling bikes. Mike was good at fixing wheels. As Cal’s Cycle was growing out in the country, Mike came out and helped Dad, and gave him many tips on how to fix bikes. As time moved along, we sons joined the business, and in February of 2009 we relocated to our present location along the highway east of Linden.

We thank God for this business he has provided us with. As family owners, we have a strong belief in providing all our services in line with biblical principles. Please click the following link for true gospel reading. There are many short simple writings that can help us daily. www.gospeltractandbible.org



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