NORCO is a Canadian company based out of Port Coquitlam, BC and has been making bikes since 1964! They became one of the first companies in Canada to both design and manufacture mountain bikes in Canada. They are also Canada’s largest parts distributer. They make a full spectrum of bikes for children and beginners to the most experienced of riders.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN is a company that has focused on making superior quality bikes since 1981! Their home is on the western coast of Canada! They are focused on making the perfect bikes for any off road trail you can find.

SPECIALIZED is a US company out of California. They started as a bicycle component company back in 1974 and a few years later started making quality bikes to build/advance/expand themselves into one of the biggest bike companies.

RYDER DISTRIBUTION is our BMX Distribution Company. They offer a great supply of parts and bikes to please the urban BMX enthusiasts. They carry the following trendy brands and more: Sunday, Subrosa, Total, Cult, Eastern, and Odyssey!

ELECTRA is a California based company. Electra will make you look twice when you see one of their bikes! Their bikes orbit around the colourful cruiser and comfort world. They are well known for their Flatfoot Technology which they implement into most of their bikes!! Flatfoot Technology places the pedals several inches forward compared to the traditional bike. This places you in the most comfortable riding position.


Stand up and ride! Our elliptical bikes and new stand up bike (SUB) give you a fun and innovative way to exercise outdoors without the impact. Young or old, runner or cyclist, health conscious or competitor, ElliptiGO bikes can help you achieve your fitness goals and experience the world in a whole new way.

STRIDER has sold over 1.5 Million of their popular balance bikes!! They are of the lightest run bikes out there, making it possible for very small children to learn their balance!! We have brakes, ski kits, and other accessories that can be mounted onto these models!


MUNICYCLE supplies Canada with the widest variety of unicycles in all styles. Based right close in the local foothills of the Rocky Mountians!


SPECIALIZED Turbo bikes are on the cutting edge of the electric-assisted-bike technology. Their ebike innovation headquarters are in Switzerland, at the heart of the ebike industry. With your blue-tooth connected phone you can micro-adjust the power and see things like the health of your battery. Also, with the smart control on, you will always reach your destination with sufficient battery life.

ELECTRA is a California based company. Electra will make you look twice when you see one of their bikes! Their Flatfoot Technology his places you in the most comfortable riding position. And now with a Bosch motor hidden between the pedals helping you climb hills what could be better?

VELEC is a Canadian company that is making great price point ebikes.

Child Carriers

THULE is our most trusted and long-time supplier of top-quality child transportation. These innovative chassis were founded by Chariot Carriers in our local city of Calgary! Chariot’s chassis are foldable and can store the most common kits, so they’re always with you when you want them. They are incredibly user-friendly!

WEEHOO child trailers make cycling adventures for your child effortless. The child is strapped in as well as their feet, so children at a young age can begin pedaling and enjoy seeing where they are going.



Don’t let your fitness level decrease during the winter months! Stay fit and lose weight on one of these fitness machines.



Can you think of a purchase that will benefit your family & friends with more healthy fun for generations to come?



Riding one of our bikes is a fun and healthy way to enjoy the beauty and freshness of the great outdoors!