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Strider Sport 14X

(Easily converts from a balance bike to a pedal bike)

Instant Success. With all the right ingredients it gives your tyke a taste of confidence to successfully shift from riding a balance bike to pedaling like a pro as quickly as possible.

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until Mar 31, 2020

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Visit our Pointy Page to see a bunch of the products we carry!

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Want to save the drive out? Give us a call and we can arrange to have them mailed to you for free!

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ANGi is the first helmet technology to protect you before, during, and after an incident. It’s a discrete sensor that acts as a ride tracker, crash detector, and safety beacon.
So, if you get in a crash, ANGi will send your GPS coordinates to your selected contacts and let them know that you need help. And to set an even higher benchmark in protection, we’ve also paired ANGi-equipped helmets with MIPS brain-protection systems.
Meet Angi Here

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🐦Early Bird Special on Bicycle Tune ups🐦

until Mar 30, 2019

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Our new full selection of Electra Bells are in! Designs for everyone…

Ice Cream, Doughnut, Hotdog, Pizza, ‘old’ Classic Vehicles, Emoji, Floral, and Grey Camo to mention a few.

Beautiful solid colors including Rose Gold, Pearl White, Matte Black, and Copper.

And of course our Best Seller…the pink COOL CAT!!

Over 35 designs to choose from. Come grab one today.