What Cal’s Cycle is all about…

Why don’t you get on a bike to enjoy the weather, discover the area at a slower pace and get fit? Here at Cal’s Cycle, we offer everything needed to get started and much more. Now conveniently located just a few minutes east of Linden, we offer new and reconditioned bikes, as well as rental, and repair services. Linden is only about 50 minutes northeast of Calgary. Many customers comment that they love the country drive! All under one roof, we have over 500 bikes in our showroom to choose from! We deal with over 14 suppliers, our main ones being; Norco, Specialized, Rocky Mountain, Electra, and Miele. Styles of bikes include downhill, all mountain, cross country, fatbikes, comfort, road, touring, city, cruiser, hybrid, BMX, and childrens. All new bikes come with manufacturer’s warranties, and we offer a free tune-up, worth $80, within a year of purchase. With over 30 years of expertise, our family run business, will try to advise you on any aspect to ensure you get the right size and type of bike for your requirements. You can also test drive bikes on the grounds or on the highway close by which helps to choose your perfect bike. For those wanting an easier cycling experience, Cal’s Cycle also offers electric conversion kits. Our Bionx kits give you the option to ride only using the throttle or else 4 levels of pedal assist. This extra power allows you to extend your riding distance and take on more challenging trails.

Do you have a budget? We stock a large range of previous year bicycles from our suppliers with discounts of up to 40% off and sometimes more! We offer a 6-month warranty on reconditioned bikes. We also take trades if you’ve outgrown or want to upgrade your old bike. We are taking donations to send to Africa, so if your old bikes aren’t worth repairing, here is a worthwhile alternative.

After you find the right bike, Cal’s Cycle has many of the accessories you may need. Parents with small children really love the Thule Chariot Child Trailers as they have many options and are very user-friendly. If your bike needs repairing, we have most parts in stock to make it roadworthy again. Please call ahead of your visit, and if time allows we will endeavour to do your bike repairs on the spot, saving you from having to make two trips.

Don’t leave your children at home! We have pedal carts, trikes and trampolines to entertain them. These provide lots of fun and have proven to be very popular! Pedal carts can be rented, as well as odd bicycles, (the popular ones being; reverse steering bike, buddy bike, swing bike and Yu-cycles) for a great time at family reunions.

If cycling isn’t your thing, or you want an alternative, Cal’s Cycle also offers a wide variety of fitness equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, fitness trampolines, and exercise bikes. We stock quality trampolines and safety enclosures. Repairs for your trampoline can be arranged here. We also now offer Whole Body Vibration Technology platforms, which use vibrations to generate involuntary contractions in muscles several times per seconds. Among its many benefits, this technology helps increase bone density and muscle strengths, improves flexibility, promotes burning fat and helps reduce cellulite.

There really is something for everyone! Be sure to sign up for our emails so you won’t miss out on any sales!



Don’t let your fitness level decrease during the winter months! Stay fit and lose weight on one of these fitness machines.



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Riding one of our bikes is a fun and healthy way to enjoy the beauty and freshness of the great outdoors!